McKenzie Trout Study

McKenzie Trout Study results

McKenzie Trout Study results


The numbers are in and the results are very positive. 108 volunteers worked together on a 5-mile stretch of the McKenzie River between Hendricks Bridge and Bellinger Landing.  The purpose of the study is to assess the effect of removal of hatchery fish on the native trout populations of the McKenzie River.   Hatchery fish stocking was discontinued on this section of river in 2010.  Quantitative information about native trout in the lower McKenzie River is limited and existing literature suggests that ceasing hatchery trout releases leads to increased wild trout populations due to reduced competition and angling-related mortality.

The estimated fish per mile in the study section is 2,143 fish per mile in 2013, up from 729 fish per mile in 2010!

The official report with color graphics is available here.