Annual Membership Meeting, Nov. 10th

It’s election day, and it’s election time for The Redsides as well. This month is our annual membership meeting where you will have an opportunity to nominate and vote for those who will lead the chapter for the near future. The elections will be held at the start of the general meeting at 7:00pm. The public is welcome to attend.

As always, the board meeting is at 6:00pm, and members are welcome.

Following the election process there will be a presentation by The Suislaw Watershed Council.

Present slate of nominees:

President   – Lou Wentz  2 years
Vice President – Geoff Shipley  2 years
Secretary _ Jack Wheeler  2 years
Treasurer – Todd Mullen  2 years.
Education Chair  Monica Mullen 3 years
Resource Chair  Vacant  (accepting nominations)  3 years
Conservation Chair    2 years  (accepting nominations)
Board member at large 1  Mike Doberthein  1 year
Board member at Large 2    1 year  (accepting nominations)

Nominations taken from the floor from those members present.

Hope to see you there!

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